PropOne Propellers Coating System

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Product Description

PropOne was formally known as PropGold. It is the same product, just a different brand name

PropOne is a latest generation non-biocidal foul release coating, which prevents sealife adhering to it.  It has been developed to ensure increased vessel performance due to its slick nature and excellent corrosion protection.

It is established that energy savings are achieved by maintaining smooth underwater hull and propeller surfaces. The presence of fouling on propellers is detrimental to the performance of the propeller. Even low levels of fouling on propeller surfaces are shown to cause efficiency losses of 20%. High levels of fouling cause up to a 70% decrease in efficiency. 

PropOne is suitable for application to all underwater metallic running gear Propellers Propeller Shafts Prop Struts Trim Tabs Rudders Bow and Stern Thrusters.

Product Datasheet

Recommended prop washing solution: Prop Wash


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